Mile Delivery
Our service offerings are comprised of four products defined as our pillars.

At the heart of Jayeek lies the future. Through a state of the art technology we manage final mile deliveries for all E Commerce platforms. Services are based on time definite specifications.

  • Country Connect. 48 hours delivery.
  • City Connect. 24 hours delivery.
  • Special Connect. 6 hours delivery.
  • Booster Connect. 4 hours delivery.

Corporate Services

Jayeek understands corporate requirements where you would like to take full control of your own destiny. We provide you with all types of equipment tailored to your industry sector.

  • Motor bikes. All types and sizes.
  • Cars. All types and sizes.
  • Light industrial vehicles. All types and sizes.

Private Services

At Jayeek we cater for your private personal needs. A C to C service that can pick up and deliver your personal items from anywhere to everywhere. Supported by an easy to navigate application you can now connect all your private items to your location of choice.

  • Private Connect. Available from 8am - 8pm.
  • Extended Connect. Available round the clock.